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Midwestern Ranch

Single JUG Waterer Energy Free

Single JUG Waterer Energy Free

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Clean Fresh Water, Always!

Drinking Systems for Livestock, Equine and Game.



The exterior design of the stand alone waterer, coupled with our patented clean water technology inside, promotes a natural drinking experience your animals will enjoy. 

The durable rotomolded polyurethane construction makes it tough on the outside, while the weather seal keeps the inside free of dirt and debris. 

The open bowl design is easy for animals to drink.  All three models are equipped with an anti siphoning float valve to prevent back siphoning into your water supply. 

An exterior inspection cover can be easily removed for examination and service to the float valve. 

An external adjustment screw and drain plug make it easy to maintain correct water height and also ease of maintenance.  There is a slight mark on each bowl that shows the suggested level of water to have in the unit.


Single Bowl

L25" x W20" x H24"

Reservoir: 7 Gallons

Weight: 53 LBS

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Designed for Clean Water

The JUG Waterer features a weather sealed water reservoir which blocks out sunlight.  This virtually eliminates algae growth in the tank.