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Premium Timothy Hay Cubes

Premium Timothy Hay Cubes

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Assurance Hay Cubes are formulated for all horses as a forage replacement or supplement. Hay cubes are made with only premium raw ingredients which are specially processed in an ISO 9000 compliant facility to virtually eliminate dust, mold and mycotoxins. Both the alfalfa and alfalfa-timothy mix are certified to be free of noxious weed seed.

In the alfalfa formulation, pre-bloom alfalfa is grown under irrigation, dehydrated and cubed to preserve nutrients. In the alfalfa-timothy formulation, alfalfa and timothy are grown under irrigation, dehydrated and cubed in a 50/50 blend to preserve nutrients.

Using hay cubes for complete or partial forage ensures that your horse is safely getting appropriate nutrients from the fiber portion of its ration. Feeding, storage and handling are convenient and clean.

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